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Replace hardcoded performTest response with makeResultEnvelope and a specific error type
Open, Needs TriagePublic


In performTest.js, when the test fails, the returned object is a hardcoded Z22 with a hardcoded error. This needs to change to:

  • makeMappedResultEnvelope, and
  • normalError error constructor, with a specific error type for these cases

Completion criteria:

  • function-schemata:
    • creation of new error type in function-schemata data/definitions and errors.js
  • function-orchestrator:
    • update performTest to return this error type
    • add performTest specific tests that check return object when test fails
  • wikilambda:
    • add errortype id to ZErrorTypeRegistry
    • modify front-end in case the response is used or displayed
  • Documentation:
    • Update Representation of errors page with the new reserved error type Zid