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Fix top spacing for TOC when sticky header not present
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Wed, Jun 22, 8:36 PM
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Wed, Jun 22, 8:45 PM
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Wed, Jun 22, 8:37 PM


Above desktop breakpoint (1000px), the sticky header is visible for logged in users while the TOC is anchored in the sidebar. When logged in, the top margin of the TOC looks fine but when logged out, the sticky header is no longer visible (only enabled for logged in users at the moment) and the top margin spacing of the TOC looks too big (beyond design spec of ~24px)


Issue visible on prod as anon if you scroll down on


Developer notes

The .mw-sticky-header-element class overrides top rule for any element ascribed with the class.

Acceptance criteria

  • When logged out at above desktop view port, TOC in sidebar has a top spacing that matches design spec.