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Create mailing list for WikiSound Audio Speaks Campaign
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  • Requested name of the mailing list (ending in
  • Reasoning/explanation of purpose:This is a new international campaign in meta for the entire Wikimedia projects, the aim of the campaign is to call for participation in improving audio files in Wikimedia Commons, linking those files to relevant Wikimedia pages.
  • Initial list administrator's email address:
  • Secondary list administrator's email>

Event Timeline

This is an international campaign to improve audio files in the entire Wikimedia projects at Large.

This campaign is world class campaign. Meaning it should have global treatment. This is because sound or voice is absent in most of the wikis. And it's highly need to bridge that gap.

This is a new international campaign in meta

Hi, could you please provide a link to that campaign? Are initiatives like or in scope and if yes are they aware? Thanks.

Removing assignee as I assume that you will not create the mailing list yourself.

Hello Aklapper,

Thank you for responding so quickly.

The answer is No, this campaign is entirely not The same with WikiSpeech or
IPA Audio render. Below is the link for the campaign. I do hope by reading
you will understand what the campaign is about because we are currently in
an early stage process of drafting the page, the page is not well

Lastly, thank you for removing me as the assignee.

Best regards,

Aklapper renamed this task from WikiSound Audio Speaks Campaign to Create mailing list for WikiSound Audio Speaks Campaign.Thu, Jun 23, 2:53 PM

I suggest waiting for a bit before making a mailing list if this campaign is in such early stages?

Alright we get the page campaign ready in the next few days, we want to
create the page quick with all other means of communication starting from
social media handles, diff, mailing list and so on.

So looking forward to getting back to you soon.

Best regards,