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Not always possible to sort table by headings on Special:LintErrors
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List of steps to reproduce (step by step, including full links if applicable):

What happens?:

The table headings display without the ability to sort the results displayed.

What should have happened instead?:

Previously it was possible to sort the individual results by selecting the table heading to sort the headings by page title, tag, or template through which the error was transcluded.

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I will note that this seems to be intermittent in manifestation.

Reedy renamed this task from Special Lint Errors, No longer possible to sort table by headings.. to Not always possible to sort table by headings on Special:LintErrors.Jun 24 2022, 8:39 AM
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Further to the above... An unsortable table seems to be generated if a search is performed using a title prefix match from Special:LintErrors directly, as opposed to indvidual error classes/categories.

Sbailey subscribed.

Looking into why the ability to sort based on clicking on table headings is not working.

My research finds no evidence that the Linter error reports provide table headers for each column/field that are clickable to cause the report to be sorted on that column. Mehta (Kunal) was the last engineer to touch code that controls OOUI's sort feature which was disabled in the linter pager table code as reported by git log blame:
Mehta has function isFieldSortable() returning false since 2016, and the default sort is set to linter_id also since 2016

The final check recommended by Arlo, was to use the Wayback Machine:
which confirms table headers were not clickable or sortable

The Wayback Machine does see clickable sorting headers for the wiki page: Special:ListFiles, confirming Wayback Machines ability to render that feature when present

So I think we should reclassify this ticket as a feature request.

To ensure it is performant when implemented, the fields allowing sorting should probably be indexed in the database.

The only thing that might explain it working in some way for a window of time is if OOUI provided in browser sorting using a configuration flag that was added and then deprecated, but I can find no evidence of that.

Arlolra triaged this task as Medium priority.Aug 23 2023, 3:28 PM