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Allow action=formedit to edit one instance of a multiple-instance template
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Author: dan.bolser

It would be really nice if the standard 'formedit' URL could be extended so that it could be made to edit a single instance of a multiple-instance template.

For example, if a book has several authors (added using a multiple-instance template in the form and displayed in a 'float box' on the page for the book) the wiki admin could add a link to each float box with the text 'edit', that link would have a URL like "index.php?title=<page name>&action=formedit&instance=<x>", where x was the numeric instance number for the template (or similar).

I know it's easy to make suggestions, and not necessarily easy to code them, but by logging this, we can at least keep track of how many people would find this useful.

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Severity: enhancement



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Just to clarify, for personal reference: "float box" in the above really just means table.

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