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Can't deploy airflow-dags/research anymore
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I'm doing the following:

ssh deployment.eqiad.wmnet
cd /srv/deployment/airflow-dags/research
scap deploy

And getting this error:

:* an-airflow1002.eqiad.wmnet
10:45:01 ['/usr/bin/scap', 'deploy-local', '-v', '--repo', 'airflow-dags/research', '-g', 'default', 'fetch', '--refresh-config'] (ran as analytics-research@an-airflow1002.eqiad.wmnet) returned [70]: Could not chdir to home directory /nonexistent:
No such file or directory
Fetch from: http://deploy1002.eqiad.wmnet/airflow-dags/research/.git
Running ['git', 'remote', 'set-url', 'origin', 'http://deploy1002.eqiad.wmnet/airflow-dags/research/.git'] with {'cwd': '/srv/deployment/airflow-dags/research-cache/cache', 'stdout': -1, 'stderr': -1, 'universal_newlines': True, 'stdin': -3}
Command exited with code 0
Running ['git', 'fetch', '--tags', '--jobs', '2', '--no-recurse-submodules'] with {'cwd': '/srv/deployment/airflow-dags/research-cache/cache', 'stdout': -1, 'stderr': -1, 'universal_newlines': True, 'stdin': -3}
Command exited with code 1
Unhandled error:
deploy-local failed: <FailedCommand> {'exitcode': 1, 'stdout': '', 'stderr': 'From http://deploy1002.eqiad.wmnet/airflow-dags/research/\n ! [rejected]        scap/sync/2022-06-24/0021 -> scap/sync/2022-06-24/0021  (would clobber existing tag)\n * [new tag]         scap/sync/2022-06-25/0006 -> scap/sync/2022-06-25/0006\n'}

airflow-dags/research: fetch stage(s): 100% (in-flight: 0; ok: 0; fail: 1; left: 0)
10:45:01 1 targets had deploy errors
10:45:01 1 targets failed
10:45:01 1 of 1 default targets failed, exceeding limit

Is there a limit on the number of times I can deploy? Because of issues with kerberos and custom airflow instance, I'm resorting to developing/debugging my code via the deploy1002 and airflow1002 servers.


TitleReferenceAuthorSource BranchDest Branch
Fix longstanding bug in git.next_deploy_tag()repos/releng/scap!224dancymaster-I9fb05718a492b1137bd1d841199b51c51352f6b0master
Customize query in GitLab

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bmansurov renamed this task from Can't deploy an airflow-dags/research anymore to Can't deploy airflow-dags/research anymore.Jun 25 2022, 11:07 AM

Solved by running the following commands on airflow1002:

cd /srv/deployment/airflow-dags/research-cache/cache/
sudo -u analytics-research git fetch --tags -f
bmansurov claimed this task.