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Analyze Breadcrumb data for Onboarding
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  • Set up funnels using events from breadcrumb data.
  • Show and report user paths, success/skips through onboarding screens.

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Currently we have implemented a 50% sample rate for beta app data which appears to have been effective. Comparing current data to previous daily unique and event averages shows a 50% count of unique users and 59% of daily events. This is 2 days of data, will keep an eye on data volume but patch looks successful.

mpopov lowered the priority of this task from High to Medium.Aug 23 2022, 5:08 PM

Funnel Deck

Highlights of results:

  • Of users who started at beginning of funnel 83.2% of unique users click the Get Started link and complete the entire cycle
  • Account creation while onboarding has our highest completion (start to finish) success rate (20%). 10.3% of all new accounts are created during onboarding.
  • Most frequently skipped screen is Explore (#2) (17.5%), then the first screen (13.9%) and least skipped is Reading Lists (#3) (5.8%)
  • Counts are unique users completing each step in a 20 day data sample - date range 2022-08-05 - 2022-08-22. This analysis will be re-compiled when we have more data accumulated; completion rates and new accounts will be added to monthly metrics.