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Analyze pageview results before and after namespace search hints
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  • Collect baseline search event counts from MobileWikiAppLinkPreview for User, Portal and Help page views where source = search
  • Compare results once we have data post feature release. Increases in pageviews from source = search will indicate success.

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SNowick_WMF updated the task description. (Show Details)
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Baseline pageviews by Source

Note: This schema tracks the value page_id for each page viewed but not page namespace or wiki. We can use raw event counts for pages viewed from search pre and post release but if we had pageNS we could verify that pageviews for User, Portal and Help pages increased so we may want to consider adding this to schema, if possible.

Note: Verified w @Dbrant that we can use click tracking data from android_breadcrumbs_event for successful namespace prompts in Search. Adding this insight to the pageview data we get from MobileWikiAppLinkPreview will give us a more thorough picture of user engagement with this new feature.

mpopov lowered the priority of this task from High to Medium.Aug 23 2022, 5:08 PM

Results are as follows:

Pre-releasePost release% Difference
15 day daily avg. Unique users328557.4335370.12.1%Increase
15 day daily avg. Pageviews847395.1866173.12.2%Increase

Pageview Data

Using data from android_breadcrumbs_event we can count unique users and clicks on suggested namespace search results:
Since feature release the daily average click count is 337.1 made by 295.3 daily average unique users. Unique users interacting with the feature represent 0.10% of DAU.

Distribution of position clicked:

Position% of clicks


To do: add comparison counts for all search clicks/unique users using breadcrumb data