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Wikimedia maps don't show body of water
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If you compare and
you will see that the former lacks the large blue body of water in the upper left; this is the Kremenchuk Reservoir

Maybe our copy of the OSM database is out of date or the tiles have not been updated recently? I noticed that the Kremenchuk Reservoir is missing on all zoom levels of the Wikimedia tiles. Other reservoirs (e.g. the Kaniv Reservoir display correctly in blue, so I doubt it's an issue with the style we use. On OSM, the Kremenchuk Reservoir and the Kaniv Reservoir relations have last been edited 9 or 10 months ago.

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It looks like eqiad replication lag (I'll see if I can confirm with someone outside of that region) is currently all the way up to 10 weeks, so that's probably it. Seems possibly related to T218097,

This specific issue does not seem to be a problem anymore; at least I cannot reproduce with the given test case.
The underlying problem seems to be tracked in T218097.