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Android app: problems entering reasons for undo actions
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List of steps to reproduce (step by step, including full links if applicable):

What happens?:

In my Android app I got a notification that a user removed a link which allegedly wasn't working any more.

After hitting the undo button, a modal opened with a textfield, where I was supposed to enter my reasons for undoing that user's action.

Problem 1: The text I enter isn't visible, only a blinking black dot at the cursor position. It's as if CSS style color was set to the same color as the field's background-color. (The problem occurs in the dark and the light theme.)

Problem 2: That modal isn't scrollable, i.e. a) I could only see part of the cancel button and b) the text field, where I was supposed to enter my undo-reasons, was initially covered by my Swiftkey keyboard (the latter got better after repeatedly hiding and showing the keyboard).

Problem 3: On smartphones the mentioned text field should be a textarea in order to show more than just three words.

(I'd like to be of further assistance but cannot reproduce this using Firefox developers tools as I don't see an undo button there.)

What should have happened instead?:

I ought to be able to see the text I'm writing (in full).

Software version (if not a Wikimedia wiki), browser information, screenshots, other information, etc.:

Huawei P10
Android/EMUI 9
Wikipedia app updated 29 JUN 2022 (cannot find any versioning)
See attached screenshots

Screenshot_20220630_130406_org.wikipedia.jpg (1×1 px, 162 KB)

Screenshot_20220630_130303_org.wikipedia.jpg (1×1 px, 182 KB)

Screenshot_20220630_130333_org.wikipedia.jpg (1×1 px, 154 KB)

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