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Share Baseline DAU/MAU Ratio
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We established our OKRs for the 2022-2023 FY:

Objective 1: Equitably fill content knowledge gaps of Wikipedia Android App users while mitigating unhelpful behaviors.
KR 1.1: Increase average edit to pageview ratio in target growth audiences to .20%
Guardrail: 65% of target mature audiences that use patrolling tool report satisfaction and agree that the tool is helpful in maintaining the quality of wikis

Objective 2: Provide simple tools for seamless information sharing based on user interests and goals
KR 1.1: Increase median pageview to active usage ratio in target growth audiences by 2%
KR 1.2: Increase penetration rate of target growth audiences by 2%
Guardrail DAU/MAU ratio is within 10-20%

We have a baseline for everything except the DAU/MAU Guardrail

To do

Share DAU/MAU Ratio for Q2 2022

User Stories
  • As the Product Manager of Android I need to know our existing DAU/MAU Ratio to determine how our products potentially changes the ratio to know we are not making things worse

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