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Visualize Pageview and Editor Current Share for iOS relative to market potential
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We are currently learning more about our target audiences and have gathered a significant amount of data. The Growth team provided a great example of regional and editor visualization of shares and edits per capita. It would be helpful for the iOS team to have a similar analysis with the information we have.

The Task
Provide a visual of shares in the iOS app relative to potential market share for installs, pageviews and edits.

+Android regional pageview and editor metrics T310515

Event Timeline

Link to iOS Market Share Charts

Note: We have limited edits by country data, for this report we are using proportional by country data from MobileWikiAppEdit, still useful in tandem with Apple active devices by country data.

In lieu of creating a dedicated schema to track iOS edits we should consider using the EditAttemptStep schema to track iOS edits - will need to decide if edits that originated on the app but are made on mobile web are still tracked as iOS edits (Android designates web edits that originated in app as Android edits).

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