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selenium: Add Link tests should verify that content is added to page
Open, MediumPublic


The add link selenium tests (selenium/specs/addlink.js) exercise various code paths in the AddLink visual editor plugin, but they do not check that the saved edit diff is as expected. To avoid problems similar to T311916: "Add an image" structured edits add a blank line instead of an image, let's add a verification on the diff contents from edits saved via addlink.js selenium test.

Acceptance Criteria

  1. addlink.js selenium tests should verify the saved contents
Completion checklist


  • The patches have been code reviewed and merged
  • The task passes its acceptance criteria


  • There are existing and passing unit/integration tests
  • Tests for every involved patch should pass
  • Coverage for every involved project should have improved or stayed the same

Design & QA

  • If the task is UX/Design related: it must be reviewed and approved by the UX/Design team
  • Must be reviewed and approved by Quality Assurance.


  • Related and updated documentation done where necessary