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UploadWizard: Description should go into suggested caption
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I think the upload wizard is a great especially the ability to upload many images. One change I would love to see is instead of the "add caption here" when one gets to the "use" section the description that was just added should appears in that spot instead.

James Heilman

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Severity: enhancement



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I'm bumping down the importance of this, I don't think it's really necessary, at least not right now.

However, I'm also marking it easy, if a new developer wants to try this one out, it should just be a few quick additions.

Thehelpfulonewiki wrote:

Reassigning to wikibugs-l per bug 37789

Yes this should be easy to do. But as an editor who adds a lot of images it would make my editing a lot easier.

James Heilman fixed it, thanks to a brand new developer! Closing.

Gilles moved this task from Untriaged to Done on the Multimedia board.