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Update broken Apertium language pairs (July)
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Package newly released Apertium language pairs that fix build failure and contain new features. Packaging is maintained at:

  • apertium-eng-cat
  • apertium-es-gl
  • apertium-es-pt
  • apertium-fra-cat
  • apertium-fra-frp (Not in Production yet)
  • apertium-hbs-eng
  • apertium-hbs-slv
  • apertium-mlt-ara
  • apertium-rus-ukr
  • apertium-spa-arg
  • apertium-spa-cat
  • apertium-spa-ita
  • apertium-srd-ita
  • apertium-swe-dan
  • apertium-urd-hin

Remove old single language packages:

  • apertium-isl
  • apertium-ita
  • apertium-spa

Also see:

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