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🎬️ desktop-de-02 | Yearly donations | ⏰ July 18th
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The last a/b test on was about asking donors to switch from a one-time payment to yearly payments. Although the test didn't run long enough to draw a conclusion, it showed some potential. We want to test this on dewiki now.

Acceptance Criteria

  • The banners are based on the control banner of desktop-de-01.
  • Variant banner
    • Clicking the submit button after choosing a one-time payment shows a second form page.
    • Clicking the top left chevron icon leads back to the first form page.
    • Choosing the first option on the second form page leaves the payment interval as one-time.
    • Choosing the second option changes the payment interval to yearly.
    • Clicking the link below the two radio buttons also leads back to the first form page.
    • Showing the second form page to a user is logged as second-form-page-shown.
    • The banner is enlarged to match the campaign banner height.
    • Banner screenshots are published on Shutterbug.

Event Timeline

kai.nissen set the point value for this task to 8.Jul 5 2022, 9:31 AM

@AbbanWMDE The banners are still smaller than last year's campaign banner (see screenshots below). Apart from that, we'd like to slightly change the copy of the 2nd form page:

  • The word "längerfristige" should be replaced by "langfristig". ("Jedes Jahr sind wir auf die Unterstützung von Menschen wie Sie angewiesen. Jährliche Spenden helfen uns nachhaltig und ermöglichen längerfristige langfristige Weiterentwicklungen.")
  • The word "für" in the link text at the bottom should be removed. ("Ja, ich möchte jährlich spenden, aber für einen anderen Betrag.")

The screenshots show the current banner on the left and last year's campaign banner on the right.


Screenshot from 2022-07-15 13-05-06.png (437×733 px, 67 KB)


Screenshot from 2022-07-15 13-04-17.png (437×733 px, 68 KB)

All fixed. Bumped the banner height another 20px.

@AbbanWMDE thanks, but now it says "langfristig" instead of "langfristige". Also, the banner height seems not to be the size we wanted to have. The banner height should be as the campaign banner incl. the progress bar. We aim for the same banner height regardless of whether it is precampaign or campaign. Is that doable?

Also, the blue copy underneath the two check boxes are not aligned as supposed to be


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