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🎬️ mobile-de-02 | Hi | ⏰ July 25th
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We want to slightly change the banner copy.

Acceptance Criteria

  • The banners are based on the control banner of mobile-de-01.
  • The sentence "An alle, die Wikipedia in Deutschland lesen" is changed to "Hi," and a line break in the first slide and in the expanded banner.
  • Clicking the close button of the expanded banner should only hide the banner and not set the cookie for preventing banner display for 7 days (both banners).
  • Banner screenshots are published on Shutterbug.

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"both banners" means ctrl and var, right?
no cookie on fullpagebanner close button for ctrl and var.

I assume there also will be no "banner-closed" tracking for closing the fullpage banners

Yes, control and variant banner. Keeping the close button click logging would be good, probably better to use a different action name for the expanded banner close button click.

I gave the expanded banner a 'banner-closed-maybelater' tracking code now,
the mini banner will continue to use 'banner-closed'

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