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singleuser container failing to build
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Would appear that no longer exists. This is preventing the singleuser container from building. We'll need another copy of this, or will need to see if rstudio can be upgraded to allow for a newer version of this.

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Might be related to nbclassic. Setting it to the previous version (0.3.7) causes /usr/local/bin/install-extensions to fail with:

Jupyter command `jupyter-nbextension` not found.

Though setting:


and skipping the /usr/local/bin/install-extensions does get to an install.

meanwhile installing the latest:

nbclassic              0.4.0
nbclient               0.5.13

results in a 404 (though allows install-extensions to run without failure)

commenting out

#jupyter nbextension install --py nbpawspublic --sys-prefix
#jupyter nbextension enable --py nbpawspublic --sys-prefix

in install-extensions with the older nbclassic seems to run...

Following instructions on to install jupyter-nbextension does seem to work on an empty ubuntu container, does not seem to install by the time we get to it. Not clear what is blocking it yet. For now I think it is reasonable to track this issue as in need of repair, as the only problem that this currently causes is the public link in the older interface will not display, the labs interface will still display. Meanwhile commenting out to unblock singleuser builds.

Tracking in T312234