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Update 1.35 and 1.37 branches for node version update on CI
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Hi @Reedy when do you need this by ie. what release date are you working towards? Web team is pretty swamped right now since we have a big release next month, but I'll make sure to find some time to get eyes on it. Sorry for the late reply, this one wasn't tagged Readers-Web-Backlog so it missed our triaging process.

There's no release date, MobileFrontend isn't a bundled extension, so it's not a problem particularly.

It's just blocking being able to backport PHP 8.1 fixes to the (supported) release branches of MF. Not a major major issue, but something that would be nice if it was unblokcked.

Thanks that was my understanding but I didn't want to assume.
I think it's just a case of finding the right patches in the branches that did merge and backporting them. I'll try and get this resolved before the end of August. Please ping me in September if nothing has happened here.