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smartmeta is missing updates to ElasticSearch
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Query Elasticsearch with incomplete results
(ex. g. this entity is not indexed)

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After a little research I don't see anything particularly standing out in the mediawiki logs clearly indicating a failure.

I do see a flurry (in the hour around the time this item was created) of:
"[warning] [RedisBagOStuff] Rejected set() for global:NameTableSqlStore:change_tag_def:mwdb_0401a8779e-mwt_09c4fa0479_ due to snapshot lag (late regeneration)." (i.e. the same ones from T310121)

We also see "connection read failure" err="read tcp> use of closed network connection" very closely correlated with this time.

We generally think that some solution to this will perhaps be the outcome of T309070 so we're going to move this specific case to the backlog