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rank units higher in unit selector
Open, Needs TriagePublic


As an editor I want to see Items representing units to be ranked higher in the unit selector when making a quantity statement in order to make it easier to enter correct data.

It is possible to select Items that do not represent units in the unit selector. This should continue to be possible. But we do want to make it easier to do the right thing and rank Items representing units higher.


image.png (152×957 px, 17 KB)

GIVEN an Item
WHEN making a new statement for a Property of datatype quantity
AND typing in the unit input field
THEN Items for units should be ranked higher
AND it should still be possible to select non-unit Items

Acceptance criteria:

  • units are ranked higher in the unit selector


  • T298140 is the one for Special:NewLexeme

Open questions:

  • Where do we get them from?
    • New search profile similar to the language selector for Special:NewLexeme
    • The existing configuration for unit conversion? (Might be too many units)

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