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clean up trailing numbers from email addresses in payment provider audit files
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civi1001:/srv/archive/civi1001/audit contains a tree of audit files that are fetched from payment providers for audit processing. Some of these files contain email addresses, and some of those email addresses contain trailing digits. These email addresses should get the same sanitizing that we've done with logs, however it could be more complicated here since there are so many different file formats (json, xls, pdf, csv, xml, etc).

It may be that we don't need to keep these files around or that we know with confidence that they don't need to be sanitized, this task is to figure that out and decide the next step.

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Questions from Jeff:

Can we just make the audit processor just delete them after a set time?

There's also somethings with no updates for 3 years so can we also just delete those without issue?