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Structured tasks: Analyze temporary free text for "other" rejection reason
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Underlying product questions:

  • Why are so many people responding with "Other"?
  • Should another response category be added?


Follow up work after T304099.
(This is similar to T301884 when we analyzed rejection reasons).

  • Pull "other" reason data, share in spreadsheet

Acceptance Criteria
Spreadsheet of "Other" responses for "Add a Link"
Spreadsheet of "Other" responses for "Add an Image"

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KStoller-WMF updated the task description. (Show Details)

Thanks for pulling the data, @nettrom_WMF !
I'll follow up with categorization and next steps, so we can consider this task complete. Thank you!

Reopening this because we've learned that the pulled data doesn't contain Add a Link rejections where multiple reasons were given. Add a Link was updated in T292592 to switch to checkboxes and allow for multiple rejection reasons. The schema documentation doesn't reflect this. I'll file a phab task and get the schema documentation updated.

The schema documentation patch is merged. I modified the notebook that pulls data to also include rejected links with multiple reasons, finding that we only missed a handful of data points. These were highlighted in the spreadsheet we have for working on this, so they could be merged with the existing data. Closing this as resolved.