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Czech WIkipedia disappeared from Copypatrol
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Czech Wikipedia disappeared from CopyPatrol (originally added as part of T151609: Port CopyPatrol to Czech Wikipedia). Is this intentional, or a bug?

See screenshot:

image.png (257×1 px, 63 KB)

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The cron job is commented out

tools.eranbot@tools-sgebastion-10:~$ crontab -l
#run on cswiki
#*/10 * * * * jsub -release buster -N cswiki -mem 500m -l h_rt=4:05:00 -once -quiet -o /data/project/eranbot/outs python /data/project/eranbot/gitPlagiabot/plagiabot/ -lang:cs -blacklist:User:EranBot/Copyright/Blacklist -live:on -reportlogger

so I assume it's intentional? cc @MusikAnimal

It is intentional. It was disabled per T305318#7861775.

Thanks for the info, that makes sense. In that case, boldly closing as Declined.