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Thumbnail: Replace default placeholder icon
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The Thumbnail placeholder element used in Codex and Vector 2022 features a svg icon called "image-framelss".

We noticed that other instances of thumbnail (e.g. those used within cards) used a different icon: "image".

The latter is currently used as a global signifier for “images and media” in Visual Editor, while "image-frameless" is used with a very specific meaning in the same context (Image type selector).

On the other hand, the version with rounded borders ("image") follows Codex's iconography style closer.


After an internal discussion with the design team, and a review with the product design team, we decided to replace the thumbnail placeholder icon in Codex and use "image" instead of "Image frameless" for the reasons stated above.

Please find the "Image" svg attached to this ticket.

Acceptance criterion
  • The thumbnail placeholder uses the "image" instead of the "image-frameless" icon