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iDeal donation flow broken
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We've had two donors reach out letting us know that their donation attempt via iDeal was not successful. They have noted that when attempting the donation via iDeal they are not taken to their bank page to complete the donation and are instead directed to the Thank you page.

  • ZenDesk ticket #1139489, Donor Cid 11848911, Donor comment: tried to donate using the Dutch “IDEAL” payment method, but that did not work correctly. I got the “thanks” before the actual link to the payment.
  • ZenDesk #1138419, CID rGERRIT271312952573, Donor comment: tried to donate by using iDEAL but after entering my personal info and selecting my bank I just get redirected to a pending confirmation page, it didn't even provide me with a payment link.

Our team was able to replicate this issue. We've placed the two tickets on hold for now.

**Edit: Phab will not allow me to enter the Donor Cid for the second one without automatically replacing it with the Gerrit error. The donor cid for ticket 1138419 is 2-7-1-3-1-2-9-5.

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@AMJohnson Hi Amber, I do not see any transactions for these individuals in Adyen as expected. I am confirming our setup is intact with Adyen.

I could also reproduce this.

Noting that according to Asana, NL emails are due to start on 21 July. This task seems like a blocker.

Also I am getting the "post-payments" monthly convert modal. Is that intentional and supported for iDeal?

@Pcoombe I'm not sure, but in Asana for the upcoming NL campaign I see it says "Post-payment MC for cc; Pre-payment MC for Paypal and iDeal". ( )

I am able to see Ideal configured correctly on our account with Adyen with recent successful transactions. Does this point to a internal error?

image.png (779×769 px, 127 KB)

Hrm should be:

Post-payment MC for cc
Pre-payment MC for Paypal and iDeal

@Pcoombe So post-payment MC / iDeal is what you're seeing? cc-ing @nisrael too

Yes, for a one-time iDeal donation on the payments form I input my name and email, select a bank from the dropdown and click Donate. Then I go straight to "post-payments" MC without going to the bank site for an actual payment

Screenshot 2022-07-19 at 23.45.28.png (1×3 px, 892 KB)

However I just figured out that if I start off with a monthly iDeal donation, then it does take me to the bank site okay. @EMartin is it possible those transactions you see are monthly?

@Pcoombe Hi Peter, yes, they all seem to be recurring/monthly. So what does it tell us that the form goes straight to MC? That seems to be our issue, correct?

@fr-tech. Adyen looked into this and advise the following: I have checked on our end, and everything looks good. And indeed you were able to process transactions until yesterday. I just attempted a test transaction, and it looks like the instruction email was never sent out from Wikimedia. The offer was promoted from our side no problem (and is visible in Customer Area), but there is no email sent to complete the payment. . @Pcoombe fyi

Hi All

We were able to replicate this error locally, and luckily @Ejegg had already written a patch to fix this bug after arriving back from the future in his Delorean :)

We will deploy it shortly! Thanks for the test URL @Pcoombe!

Thanks, just checked on production and it looks fixed to me!

@RKumar_WMF Rakhi is working on a local (NL) user test and will report here.

CID: 56291613 iDeal donation completed without any issues. Thank you page as well as Thank you email received as expected. Transaction shows in Adyen console as well.

@RKumar_WMF Thank you, Rakhi, for overseeing that. Looks like we are good to resume in NL!

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