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strange logo appearance
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Author: richholton

In 1.4 beta3 (and earliler, I believe) the logo in the upper left corner (MediaWiki,
MetaWiki, etc.) appears incorrectly.

Version: 1.4.x
Severity: normal
OS: Windows XP
Platform: PC



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richholton wrote:

Capture of an improperly displayed logo

Sorry for the lack of details in the original post. Attached is a screenshot of
what I'm seeing.

I'm running IE6 SP2 on WinXP SP2 Home edition.

My screen resolution is 1400 X 1050.

I should also note that Wikipedia's logo is fine, but it's running MediaWiki


Bug_Shot.png (812×867 px, 138 KB)

zigger wrote:

The meta logo looks ok for me under Windows-XP-SP2 + IE6-SP2 + 1400x1050 +
monobook + logged-in.
The logo text colors in your attachment match those seen when the image is part
of a highlighted section (e.g. after pressing Ctrl-A), but that should affect
the whole image not just parts of it.
Have you tried forcing a refresh with Ctrl-F5?

The posted screenshot has some other unusual properties: all the images are
(badly!) scaled up, including IE's own icons. Can you reproduce this under a stock
Windows/IE configuration?

richholton wrote:

Don't you just love computers!

The Logo problem disppears when I return my font size
to "Normal" (96 dpi) instead of "Large" (120 dpi). This is a
Windows setting: Display Properties; Settings Tab; Advanced

Something I happened to notice while testing out the above:
At the Wikipedia web site (1.3.7mw) when I first load a page
the logo goes blank for an instant, then the logo appears
(no big deal to me).

However, at Meta (and also at Wikibooks) when I load a page
it seems that the logo gets loaded twice. And when I'm in
120dpi mode, the first load of the logo is different from
the second. It happens too quickly for me to see if the
first load is correct, or just wrong in a different way, but
it is different particularly in the text area (where the
problem is very obvious). There also seems to be a slight
shift in the positioning of the logo that takes place at the
same time. The "second" logo seems shifted up, and maybe to
the right, just a smidge.

No sure if this is helpful, but some more details about my
system: It's a Dell Inspiron 5150 with an NVVIDIA GeForce FX
Go5200 video card. All my testing was done with 32 bit color.

tom wrote:

WONTFIX - Sorry, but this looks like a video card driver problem that we can't really do anything about. I've never
seen anything like this on any computer, so I can't even begin to test possible fixes.

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