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Recurring set up at Adyen but not in Civi
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I am receiving some chargeback and fraud notifications wherein I check them to refund and cancel the recurring set up but no set up is found in Civi.

CID: 55709855
Reference in Adyen: WSNXZJ67HTWCRMG2

CID: 56197847
Reference in Adyen: BQ4G259NBNC84V62

CID: 2308764
Reference in Adyen: HBCCD8FN28FVMM42

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Heya @RKumar_WMF , how are you searching for this in Civi? By email? Transaction ID?

By email I am searching in Civi. I get the email from Adyen after searching with the PSP reference number provided in the chargeback notification email that I receive.

@RKumar_WMF are you thinking they are recurring since they have a recurring profile in adyen? I see them in civi as one time donations.

It's confusing as when monthly convert gets turned on all donations will have a recurring profile in adyen. I made some documentation here on that to hopefully help:

Yes, I am thinking they are recurring set up in Adyen but not in Civi. Thanks for sharing the documentation.