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Share the outcome and insights from the talk page work
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Prior to last fiscal year, we support article and user talk pages in the Android app. However, there were user workflows we have not deliberately thought about. This quarter we enhanced our existing talk page experience and explored new feature ideas to fill gaps that exist in user workflows as it relates to unlocking collaboration between users.

With the above in mind this task is to measure if we had the impact we desired.

The Task
Update this task prioritizing sharing the results of the following:

  • (Overall increase in Talkpage edits): Talk Namespace edits made through Android app and not reverted within 48 hours increases by 10% 30 days after release of interventions
  • ( Penetration Increase amongst active editors): Of the people who publish an edit to a wiki, across namespaces, in a month, we see an 10% increase in the percentage of people who publish an edit to a talk page that is not reverted within 48 hours.
  • 2% Decrease in abandonment rate amongst target users on talk pages

Secondarily Please Answer

  • What impact did our changes have on session length of talk pages
  • What impact did our changes make on the EditAttempt Step funnel (Visits to talk pages, hitting edit, attempting to publish, and successfully hitting publish). How does this compare to mobile web?
  • Was there an increase in overall talk page edits amongst target users and do we notice more talk page activity amongst our existing editors?
  • Are there differences in the data for user talk pages vs. article talk pages

User Stories
Verify our target users have a more intuitive and enhanced communication interface to reduce barriers for productively collaborating with other Wikipedians to increase confidence while improving wikiprojects.

Event Timeline

Primary analysis is completed, deck is ready for initial review. Will complete secondary metrics after I've caught up on other pending tasks.

Deck is complete, will add summary of results/findings for review. Summary notes are linked in doc.

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