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A very long time ago I registered the domain name and Must have been in 2005.

I managed to transfer over to the foundation. And probably also Or at least I offert it.

I forgot about

Today I discovered that I am still listed as the owner of I have a fresh registration certificate. It lists my name, address , telephone number and e-mail address. I do not how that is possible. I know I have not been paying for it.

It still points to the DNS servers of a hoster I used in 2005 and does not exist anymore.

But I am in the position to transer if over if someone is interested.

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Hi @CRoslof -- adding you here, per my email just now.

Hi @Walter: We'll be happy to take off of your hands. If you can email me at, I will connect you with our domain name registrar to complete the transfer of ownership. Thank you!

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Transfer done. Ticket can be closed now.

Marking this resolved, thank you very much!

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