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Provide article links to secure counterparts
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Per bug 5440 it is pretty easy to fall off the wrong way of secure wikimedia links and end up on an article without SSL, and it is pretty tedious to get back to the secure site: at least I have to either clone a secure window and search for the given article or copy the secure URL and type the article there.

Looks like an easy hack for a while (until bug 5440 gets fixed, that is just a few years to come) to generate an automagic link to the secure counterpart of any article, with a very small icon or link in the menu. Should be installed on all projects which support secure logins, unfortunately.

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With a proper HTTPS implementation described in bug 5440 comment 15, this should be moot, right? People will be able to simply change http:// to https:// in their address bar, which is one click and one keypress, and wouldn't fall off secure in the first place thanks to protocol-relative URLs.

Most people don't really use the secure interface so this would just create even more interface junk which most people don't want. SO could probably make a pretty quick and easy user gadget that provides this functionality.

Roan: When? :-)))

snake: your answer depend on depreciating the secure interface, mine on the contrary.

Marking worksforme. We no longer support as we now have HTTPS available on the main domains. And most (if not, all) of the software outputs protocol-relative urls so that you stay on HTTP or HTTPS respectively, based on your current visit.

To allow enforcing of HTTPS dynamically, see also bug 29898. And for other ssl-related bugs, see the tracking bug 27946.