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Remove task-preview in favor of task-queue
Open, Needs TriagePublic


We used to export a single task from server-side to the mw.config object using a 'task-preview' structure. In T308542: Suggested edits: Populate task queue from server-side we exported the entire task queue. There's no longer a reason to create a special task-preview object; instead, we should just take the first item from the task-queue.

Acceptance Criteria

  1. References to task-preview are gone from the codebase
  2. Code needing to access the first task in the queue access it from task-queue
Completion checklist


  • The patches have been code reviewed and merged
  • The task passes its acceptance criteria


  • There are existing and passing unit/integration tests
  • Tests for every involved patch should pass
  • Coverage for every involved project should have improved or stayed the same

Design & QA

  • If the task is UX/Design related: it must be reviewed and approved by the UX/Design team
  • Must be reviewed and approved by Quality Assurance.


  • Related and updated documentation done where necessary

Event Timeline

kostajh added a subscriber: Sgs.

IIRC this came about in a 1:1 conversation with @Sgs a few weeks ago, sorry for only now getting around to making a task for it.