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Adoption request for unpatrollededitstats
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I request being added as a co-maintainer of unpatrollededitstats. The tools admin link is
Following the Adoption policy, Either:

The current maintainer(s) have been notified on all of their:

Please could the TFSC :

  • check the tool's home directory for obvious secret information, following the Adoption policy instructions

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Hi @bd808, would you like to have a look at this? Thanks!

Hi @bd808, would you like to have a look at this? Thanks!

The /data/project/unpatrollededitstats/.pywikibot/ file contains the username for User:WebBot, but it does not contain that account's password.

Potentially more problematic for adoption is that the tool's $HOME does not contain any obvious software license documentation and the tool account itself predates the requirement of declaring a default license at the time of tool creation. The right to fork policy starts from the assumption that all tools are licensed under an OSI approved license as mandated by the Toolforge rules. Without a license the tool is in violation of the rules and could be shutdown, but we don't have a policy that would allow the Toolforge standards committee or any other Wikimedia related body to force an OSI approved license on the existing codebase and its original authors. See T92963: Fix tool kmlexport for a past discussion that ended up stuck on functionally the same issue.