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Add a link: check prioritized suggestions of underlinked articles
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On the parent task, a new way to built the sets of suggested links has been created. We need to compare it to the previous one. The sample searches at need to be spot-checked.

Ambassadors will compare 25 links max for each set of links (with topic or without topic), and tell if the suggested links seem to be better.

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KStoller-WMF changed the task status from Open to In Progress.Aug 1 2022, 11:19 PM
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@Dyolf77_WMF and @Urbanecm_WMF, can you please report here when done? Thank you!

@Trizek-WMF: Evaluation done!

Notes from the cswiki evaluation
  • A lot of prioritized articles are lists, rather than "regular articles". It looks like they will present a higher number of suggested articles than now. Links are tricky when it comes to Add-Link project: Lists are often underlinked (compared to regular articles), yet they don't "need" additional links. On rare occasions where links are actually needed, it is harder to know where to add them. Personally, I suggest excluding lists (or to do a follow-up evaluation on links recommended within lists).
  • Several prioritized articles had sections that intentionally have very few links, because they describe a certain fictional universe. In this case, the topic selected was games, so it was in-game world. The same can happen for other topics as well (for instance, books or movies). Plot sections are intentionally underlinked, becuase very few in-universe characters or elements meet Wikipedia's notability policy, and are eligible for their own article.

To summarize, I think prefering prioritized articles is a good idea, but its edge cases (such as the ones listed above) can cause overall-bad edits to come anyway.

The work has been done for the 4 pilot wikis, and Ambassadors have share their thoughts.

Martin's feedback is aligned with other Ambassadors' feedback and observations. Overall, the new priority setup is better, even if is suggests longer articles, with less links. These longer articles are often low-quality articles, such as unreviewed machine translated articles, lists of series' episodes, movies plots. Some of them are unchanged bot creations.

Suggesting these low quality contents may be problematic, as we encourage newcomers to add links on articles that don't need them (synopsis) or that require more urgent efforts (reviewing translations, adding citations to walls of text, etc.).

@KStoller-WMF, @Tgr, my advice would be to refine the new model to identify articles that are underlinked walls of text with no images. These characteristics are often the ones of translated articles or lists of episodes. Excluding lists would be nice too.