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🟢 Implement Contact page
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The contact page should clearly indicate how users can contact us for which reason, as listed below. The main concern we are addressing is that currently, users do not know how to reach us for the different topics they require.

link to mockup

  • It has to be clear why users are reaching out, there has to be a format for them to add their enquiry, so that we can connect them to the right person
  • All topics go to contact.wikibase@ and will be filtered there to reach ComCom or Partnerships accordingly
  • The contact page should be easily accessible from anywhere on the platform, i.e. it should be very easy for the user to find how to contact us, this might require multiple references on the platform . The means that we should repurpose the existing contact link in the footer. We should also re-purpose the link on the landing page.
  • An FAQ section should be linked to catch the low-hanging fruit recurring questions. Should link to:, Dan is expanding this with more content as we go
  • Consider adding a link to the project page for users to keep track of updates:
  • There should be a link to the Telegram group as well to make sure users can join community discussions about, and the mailing list as another platform for discussions and updates


  • There should be a form appearing as described in the mock up
  • It should be accessible to logged-in and not-logged-in users
  • On submission an email should be sent to contact.wikibase@ email (not on phab to reduce spam)
  • The Subject line should always contain [Reason for message]
  • The sender email should be adjusted to the Reason for message section (details in backend ticket)
  • The contact link in the footer should target the new page
  • The contact link on the landing page should target the new page
  • It should be protected from spam
  • snackbar displays success message when message was successfully submitted

N.B : we expect to be able to break this down into at least two parts (one frontend change and one backend change)
We would also like to make some efforts to integration test this thing being particularly mindful of the difficulties related to relatively unrestricted user input

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@Charlie_WMDE once the designs are ready, can you link them in the description here? :) just so you have the ticket

We (the refinement team of devs + @Linda-Rabea.Heyden_WMDE have a few questions:

  • Where are the emails going to go to (which specific email addresses?)?
  • Are we right in assuming all the copy should be used from the right mockup in figma?
  • How should this page be made easily accessible? Should it be in the footer?
  • When the form is submitted what should happen?
  • Should there be a submit button? If so what should it look like?

We are also making some assumptions:

  • We expect this thing to be protected by recaptcha

We (I) were also wondering is this really a prerequisite to handing out codes to people on the waiting list. Presumably they will all have got emails with their invite code from @Mohammed_Sadat_WMDE and will probably just reply to that if they have any questions.

My assumption was that we will send each person an email with an invite code. In the email, we add a link to the contacts page for people who have questions to use the form. (some users will simply hit the reply button in the email and not use the contact page -- which is also fine)

We've refined this a little more but we're still waiting on the submission flow until moving this into "ready-to-pickup"

Moved this back because I think this is still waiting for the "what happens when I click submit" from @Charlie_WMDE before it's ready-to-pickup

@whoever picks this up: please give me a ping when you do so, I would love to do the snackbar part together. thanks!

Rosalie_WMDE added a subscriber: Rosalie_WMDE.

even as this ticket has not yet been broken down, I will like to dig in it

Addition regarding the message field:

It should have the prop counter and if possible also the auto grow (but this one is not a requirement).

The copy for the error message should be Message must be [enter limit number here] characters or less

looks like there's this "rules" thing where the limit and the message can be specified

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