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Consdier creating a herald rule to add design-systems-team tag to all codex tasks
Open, Needs TriagePublic


The Design Systems Team tracks and organizes tasks on its team board (Design-Systems-Team) and sprint board (Design-Systems-Team (Design-Systems-Sprint)). The Codex tag is used on any task related to Codex. When tasks have the Codex tag, they are not triaged by the DST and may not get the attention they need.

We should consider adding a herald rule to automatically add the Design-Systems-Team tag to any task tagged with Codex. This will add the task to the default column, Needs triage (incoming request)

Acceptance criteria
  • Decide if this is the best solution
  • If so, create a herald rule to apply the Design-Systems-Team tag to all Codex tasks
  • If so, consider updating our task tracking docs within Codex to only require the addition of the Codex tag to new tasks