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Request creation of procbot VPS project
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Project Name: procbot

Wikitech Usernames of requestors: ProcrastinatingReader

Purpose: Hosting a bot

Brief description: I'm currently hosting my bot on my own servers. It's a few different services (a Ruby app for the bulk of my tasks, a JS script for a Puppeteer task, a Go app, and I think there's another task that I inherited after the bot operator left and their bot stopped working). Tried running some of these on Toolforge in the past but had issues, the JS one with Puppeteer was especially finnicky, and some of the Ruby tasks also.

I'd like to run some of my own Docker images as I expect that'll be more reliable, but I understand this isn't possible on Toolforge at the moment. So I'd like to request a Cloud VPS server so I can run the Docker images on that. Ultimately I just ended up running the bot(s) on my own server, but I'd like to lessen the load on my server by moving them onto WMCS.

How soon you are hoping this can be fulfilled: This month if possible

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bd808 subscribed.

+1. @Proc has explained via IRC about the complexity of the bot and reminded me of past efforts to get all of it running on Toolforge that ultimately failed. This project might be a good candidate for beta testing of the buildpack system when it's ready.

Project created. Please subscribe to cloud-announce if you haven't already.

@dcaro Noting this as a buildpack beta candidate.