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Allow use of wmf's MW CLI scripts on snapshot hosts instead of bypassing
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The multiversion/bin/expanddblist CL script exists in the operations/mediawiki-config.git repository for local development. It is an equivalent to the expanddblist script provisioned by Puppet in production on deployment and mwmaint hosts.

I noticed that recently, a usage showed up in production code. Specifically in as added for T291966 by (cc @Urbanecm @Tgr @ArielGlenn).

After a brief moment in which I thought this could "simply" be replaced with invoking expanddblist, instead of $multiversion/bin/expanddblist, I realized this was a workaround for a larger problem. The script is also using $multiversion/MWScript.php directly instead of the mwscript helper that we use elsewhere in production.


  • Rename scap::scripts in Puppet to mediawiki::cli-helpers. There is basically nothing Scap-related left here. Some scripts are indeed used by Scap, but most are also used by a ton of other things independent from Scap.
  • Remove the various "FIXME" comments atop this manifest that have been resolved.
  • Add mediawiki::cli-helpers to profile::mediawiki::common.
  • Remove redundant other imports of this in various places.
  • Update to use the prod expanddblist, thus restoring the status quo.
  • Update as pilot and leading by example to use mwscript. (Others can be done later based on available testing, no rush there.)

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One of the helpers, sql apparently only works on maintenance and deployment hosts because the mysql client command isn't provisioned elsewhere. I suggest we either provision that package (is there a reason not to?) or move that into a separate manifest like mediawiki::maintenance::sql that provisions both that script and the needed package, instead of the current fragile situation where we sometimes set sql_scripts => absent and then separately in an entirely different file ensure_packages('default-mysql-client').

Note that snapshot::dumps::packages at least already contains this package. So the question is whether we install it on appservers/jobrunners. I don't think we need it there since sql does the same thing no matter where you run it. That's I guess a reason to place it in a separate manifest as otherwise it's hard to include the rest in profile::mediawiki::common.

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Why do we even have a separate expanddblist and $multiversion/bin/expanddblist with basically identical content? It will in the end execute code in the multiversion repo anyway, so the security footprint is the same. Why isn't expanddblist just an alias/redirect to the other?