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Filtering by category is broken at Special:UnreviewedPages
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Steps to replicate the issue:

mw.loader.load( '', 'text/javascript' );

What happens?:

In the example case, UnreviewedPages shows 12 unreviewed pages in given category in Russian Wikipedia and no pages at all in Ukrainian Wikipedia. Both results are clearly wrong, you can verify this by browsing the respecting category. Here's Ukrainian category as an example (unreviewed pages are highlighted in orange):

изображение.png (739×771 px, 59 KB)

What should have happened instead?:

UnreviewedPages should list all the unreviewed articles in given category.

Other information

I assume it's connected to recently implemented caching, which is limited by 5000 pages ( T309440 ). Since filtering is now broken, it should either be fixed or removed. Removing is a bad option since it was a useful feature for WikiProjects: a certain project was able to review all the new pages related to their subject even if the total amount of unreviewed pages for this wiki was above 5000.