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Removing dependance on jQuery for devices using NetFront
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Currently the show/hide functionality works on a subset of Netfront devices due to them freaking out when jQuery is used. This also happens on some older phones.

Since we don't use all the richness of jQuery we can either remove it in favor of a much smaller implementation for all phones or serve different js for phones we identify as having issues.

This was reported on a SE W995i

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Severity: critical



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This also affect Nokia S40 devices. Confirmed as broken on the the Nokia C3-01.

Actually, the whole jQuery part really should only be enabled on android/iphone etc. Basically the modern webkit based mobile browsers and the modern Opera mobile versions, just like the old ruby version did.

All others are not supported by jQuery, and are bound to break.

preilly wrote:

I just tested this on a Nokia 5800 XpressMusic and it worked as expected. But, we still need to figure out a graceful way to handle this issue on other phones.