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Improve UI/UX of the tool
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Improve the user interface and user experience of VideoCutTool.

Thanks @SGautam_WMF for providing with the initial set of designs.

01.png (902×1 px, 618 KB)
03.png (902×1 px, 512 KB)
02.png (902×1 px, 500 KB)

Note: These are not the final designs, please feel free to propose new designs.

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Hi @SGautam_WMF, Thanks for helping us design the new look of the VideoCutTool to enhance the user experience at the Wikimania Local Meetup Bangalore, It would be super helpful if you can share the design's here :)

Gopavasanth renamed this task from Design to support editing multiple videos at once to Improvise UI/UX of the tool.Jan 31 2023, 2:07 AM
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Aklapper renamed this task from Improvise UI/UX of the tool to Improve UI/UX of the tool.Jan 31 2023, 8:41 AM

Sir,Can you please assign this task to me,i have some more functionalities which i can add to it.

This task seems to suit me, gonna come up with the patch very soon

Hey, @Gopavasanth what will be the mobile view of these updated designs