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Allow client side folding in Opera Mini
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opera mini folding manual

Currently we have to do a roundtrip in order to allow for client side collapse/hide on opera mini. Opere Mini is being used more and more for those users who's native browsers dont support their font set (ex. indic).

Folding manual attached.

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preilly wrote:

The mini:onClick='fold' is working on Opera Mini on Android, but failing on the iPhone version.
I'm still trying to figure this out.

The folks at Opera confirm that this feature does not work on iOS. Their working on a bug fix but since their tracker is not open I can't link to it here.

philinje wrote:

Sounds like this is as far as we can go for now.

I notice that I'm not seeing folded content in Opera Mini on Android either; is this because we're not enabling the folding mode at all in order to avoid breaking the iOS version?

Does (can?) the device detection distinguish between Opera Mini on different platforms so we could enable it for the others, or do we just have to wait until iOS is fixed?

This sounds evil. I'd rather not support anything non-standard. I'd rather do the suggestion in bug 31011 instead and implement instead