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set $wgInterwikiMagic to true multilingual Wikisource
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Author: brendan

Overview: Interlanguage links on the multilingual Wikisource don't produce sidebar links, instead producing normal inline links as if they had a forcing colon prefixed.

Steps to reproduce: View [[oldwikisource:User:Prosody]].

Actual results: inline link to [[s:en:User:Prosody]] with body "en:User:Prosody."

Expected results: sidebar section "In other languages" with link to
[[s:en:User:Prosody]] with body "English."

Version: unspecified
Severity: normal



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This appears to be an intentionally set configuration option ($wgInterwikiMagic). In order to change it you need to get community consensus at oldwikisource.

I'm resolving this bug as later (is that right?). Please re-open if you have agreement at Wikisource.


brendan wrote:

I guess we've got a quorum, all in favor, at oldwikisource:Wikisource:Scriptorium#Seeking_consensus_for_working_interlanguage_links.

For reference the url is (perma-link )

There's also talk about changing where the inetlanguage links go, to make them go to wikisource languages (instead of Wikipedia). That should probably be filed as a separate bug.


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bugs wrote:

This is working, but it links to Wikipedia and not Wikisource. I don't think that's the intended behavior.

brendan wrote:

There's a followup about that behavior at bug 29591.