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Add Sound Logo site to Matomo dashboard and provide Communications department account with access
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Hello! The Foundation's Communications department would like to add the currently under development Sound Logo website to the Foundation's Matomo dashboard and make the site data available via the department's existing Matomo account.

The code for Matomo has been added to the site's codebase. The eventual URL will be - it's current development URL is

The department's existing account is: wikipedia15

Ideally - we would like this ready for launch in mid-September. Thank you!

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Hi @Varnent our team doesn't maintain Matomo. I believe that would be @EChetty's team.

Emil: here's a past ticket for reference T259322

Thank you, @mpopov! Apologies for the confusion. :)

@Snwachukwu can you please help with this ticket? it is a 20-minute configuration and it will help you know more about the system. @BTullis can you help Sandra if she has questions? This can be tackled during the next sprint but no later than the first week of September. Thank you both!

@Snwachukwu & @BTullis - thank you for taking this on! Just checking on if you need anything from us to complete this week. :)

@Varnent I have now created the Sound Logo website in Matomo and granted the wikimedia15 user view access to that website.

I've emailed a copy of the tracking code to you, but I believe that you should also be able to get it from here:

If you would like a different username other than wikimedia15, then I'd happily set that up for you too.

I have added the two URLs that you provided, so that you should also be able to track work on the development site, before the live site is published.

image.png (144×1 px, 14 KB)

Please do let me know how you get on with it, or if there's any other way that I can help.

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