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[EPIC] Structured Tasks: Patroller Focus
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We have received feedback from patrollers and moderators about some of the Growth team Structured Tasks for newcomers. This Epic covers tasks related to this feedback. An overview of feedback can be found here:

Recently some contributors have expressed concerns about "add a link" and "add an image" structured tasks. These discussions have taken place on Arabic Wikipedia, Spanish Wikipedia, and Russian Wikipedia.

The main concerns are as follows:

  • Communities want to be more involved in decisions, including how we measure edit quality.
  • The number of structured task edits are a burden to patrol.
  • The perceived edit quality is low and the edit value is low.

While the Growth team focuses on newcomers, we want to create tools that work for the community as a whole. Although the "add a link" structured task has proven to be effective at both increasing the probability that newcomers will make their first edit and return to edit again (experiment analysis), we also understand that these edits may be frustrating for other contributors.

We are listening to feedback, and are planning ways we can improve Growth tools or other areas of the site to ensure our work benefits the movement as a whole. We hope to pursue some quick improvements immediately, as well as consider changes that will require more planning and coordination.

Acceptance Criteria:

The Growth team conducted an Impact / Effort analysis of structured task improvement suggestions by the community. This epic is complete once we complete the "quick win" tasks that have been identified. High effort work is considered out of scope for this Epic, but may be considered in upcoming projects.

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All engineering tasks are complete.
Final communication (assigned to Growth Ambassador) is wrapping up: T332089.

From a Growth team perspective we can consider this epic Resolved.