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Add DynamicPageList on fr.wikt
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Extension needs fixing first

The extension is currently live on MW wikis, if it is so broken that it shouldn't be it should be removed, if it is not that broken then it should be enabled for fr.wikt.

Re-opening. I think this request should be either accepted or rejected, not held in limbo land forever. If one dayu DynamicPageList is rewritten to be super efficient, previously WONTFIXED requests can be re-examined.

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to work know, it's installed on en.wiktionary, see

The extension has some bad performance characteristics, I'm not sure, but I imagine people might not want it enabled on any more of the larger wikis than it already is. The fact it is enabled on enwiktionary is probably a historical accident more than anything else.

Does a 2 year old consensus still stand, or would we need a new one? :-/

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Does a 2 year old consensus still stand, or would we need a new one? :-/

In order to avoid wasting effort, we should probably figure out if we would even enable this extension here (likely answer is no imo) before asking for new community concensus.

In order to avoid wasting effort, we should probably figure out if we would

even enable this extension here [...]

Of course yes, this extension would solve the big problem of categorisation.

We can't look in the same time in mother category and daugther category. So actually some peoples complain that category are too wide or, in contrary, to splitted. With this extension we should please the both side, and this problem is inherent to, at least, all the wiktionaries project. So if it can be useful for us, it should be also useful to other ones.

On fr.wiktionary only we have the support of the whole community, quite sure if people from other projects know about this things they'll support it.

The only argument (ignoring comment 1) so far is "DPL is not performant" (comment 5). There might be more reasons but they are not written here (yet).

DPL is in use already (see e.g. bug 59798 comment 11) though those wikis might be way smaller. It is unclear which existing DPL bugs (bug reports) should block its deployment on fr.wikt, if any.

Assuming that the performance argument is not completely made up, DPL might need a code review first. CC'ing Greg (Rel Mgmt) and Ori (Performance).

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Hi. At Wikimedia France, we have some comments from french Wiktionnary contributors who asks us to provide (technical) support about this extension implementation on But we do not have the ability to help on this, so I let you now here that there is a demand from french wiktionnary community to have this extension (since 2011, as I can see...). Best regards!

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I'd not mind uploading a patch for this, but if it is going to be declined as @Bawolff and others said above I guess it is not worth the effort. This task is sitting from 2014 so IMHO we should say if this request is acceptable and have someone install it, or deny it per the performance issues mentioned above.

Sorry to insist but I couldn't figure out how several Wikis of the foundation including a few Wiktionaries could get this extension before, but the greatest French dictionary of the world wouldn't be worth the effort?

Is there anything I could do as a professional PHP developer to help in this task?

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Marking as stalled to match all other tasks of the same nature which are in the same status.

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Declining to reflect reality. The DynamicPageList extension was a cause of several site-wide outages (see as an example). For those reasons, it has been deemed to be unsafe for deployment on any further wikis. For more details, see