Gallery: number of images hardcoded
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Author: schwarzerf

The number of images shown in gallery mode is 48, which is OK, if four images are shown in one row. It is not however, if three or five images fit to the design's or window's width.

Is it possible to make the number of images adapt dynamically to the number of imageas that can be shown in a row?

Version: 1.17.x
Severity: enhancement
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brion added a comment.Jun 27 2011, 5:31 PM

This could probably be done but would require making the page much more dynamic, loading bits from client-side JavaScript. It would probably be better at that point to go all=in and give it much more interactive filtering and whatnot.

Note, in trunk special:newfiles is not longer hard coded to 48. Its now 50 by default and there's the standard limit option where you can change how many are displayed. (That's not really what your definition of dynamic was, but its an improvement)

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