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Grant Access to ldap/wmde and ldap/nda for jdfraine
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  • The username of your existing account on Jonathan Fraine
  • Do you currently have shell access (Yes/No)? No
  • Purpose (Specify which service you need to get access to, e.g. Icinga, Grafana, Superset etc): grafana, superset, logstash
  • The specific LDAP group that you want to be added to (optional): ldap/wmde and ldap/nda

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As the WMF-Legal project tag was added to this task, some general information to avoid wrong expectations:
Please note that public tasks in Wikimedia Phabricator are in general not a place where to expect feedback from the Legal Team of the Wikimedia Foundation due to the scope of the team and/or nature of legal topics. See the project tag description.
Please see for when and how to contact the Legal Team. Thanks!

RhinosF1 changed the task status from Open to Stalled.Aug 23 2022, 7:49 PM

Hi @jdfraine:

I see you've added a completed checklist but it doesn't look like this is done.

Can you please follow the instructions on and copy the format from the template?

I'm going to mark this as stalled until then. Please also update any internal docs.

If there are some WMDE onboarding docs, then please make these docs point to - thanks.

Tobi_WMDE_SW renamed this task from Request to be added to the ldap/wmde group to Grant Access to ldap/wmde and ldap/nda for jdfraine.Aug 24 2022, 7:58 AM
Tobi_WMDE_SW changed the task status from Stalled to Open.
Tobi_WMDE_SW removed a project: WMF-NDA-Requests.
Tobi_WMDE_SW updated the task description. (Show Details)

If there are some WMDE onboarding docs, then please make these docs point to - thanks.

Indeed, we're linking an outdated template here, I'm sorry. I've updated this request and I'm going to fix our onboarding docs.

(Clinic duty this week)
The connected SUL account doesn't have (WMDE) in it. It's not a big deal but it makes knowing who is WMDE staff and not harder. I'd ask for manager approval regardless. @Tobi_WMDE_SW is the account for WMDE staff?

Also, We don't have NDA on file for this. @KFrancis should be able to help on that.

(Actually it wasn't the SUL account, it was the wikitech account which is fine usually)

Ladsgroup triaged this task as Medium priority.Aug 24 2022, 8:55 AM

yeah I believe WMDE has been advised some time ago to not use WMDE in the Wikitech account names. It is the account of WMDE staff member.

Yeah makes sense. I mistook wikitech and SUL.

Awesome. I wait for the NDA confirmation and then I add the user to ldap groups.

@jdfraine Please provide me with your WMDE email address. If you'd rather not post it here, please send it to my WMF address: Thanks!

@Ladsgroup I am confirming the signed NDA. Please proceed with the access request! Thanks!

Change 826895 had a related patch set uploaded (by Dzahn; author: Dzahn):

[operations/puppet@production] admin: add Jonathan Fraine to ldap_only_admins (wmde, nda)

Change 826895 merged by Ladsgroup:

[operations/puppet@production] admin: add Jonathan Fraine to ldap_only_admins (wmde, nda)

Ladsgroup assigned this task to Dzahn.

Daniel did most of the work :)

@jdfraine You have been added to the same groups as other WMDE employees. The logins (and Gerrit privileges) should work now.