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[tbs.cli]: toolforge build-show shows unknown for steps that are actually ok
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For example:

dcaro@toolsbeta-sgebastion-05:~$ toolforge build-show dcaro-buildpacks-pipelinerun-h2t88
            Step: build - unknown({'container': 'step-build', 'imageID': 'docker-pullable://', 'name': 'build', 'terminated': {'containerID': 'docker://dd46fc5a11b2d70d0441ee0986dff9e53c9b60842c0e4d9c78cfaff0ded79d7a', 'exitCode': 0, 'finishedAt': '2022-04-04T10:41:10Z', 'reason': 'Completed', 'startedAt': '2022-04-04T10:40:22Z'}})

This unkown string is being set in the _get_step_details_lines function.

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Is this just a matter of changing the string value from "unknown" to e.g. "completed"?

Not really, it's understanding why it's not going to the 'ok' if code branch, and fixing the conditions if needed.

@dcaro I'm not sure that I'm seeing the same output as you. Below is the result of running toolforge build-show locally on a successful pipeline run.

Screenshot 2022-10-06 at 11.15.57.png (546×964 px, 231 KB)

Editing to add: I can reproduce this on toolsbeta, but not in the local dev environment. When did we last deploy to toolsbeta?

Tested the latest version of the code (toolforge-cli) and it works ok :), so probably we just need to deploy a newer version of it in toolsbeta \o/

show_ok.png (916×1 px, 359 KB)

This has indeed been resolved by deploying the latest version of toolforge-cli