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[[Wikimedia:Wikipedia-ios-vanishing-link-title/en]] translation issue
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That page title is incorrect with the final dot (it does not exist on English Wikipedia). Please remove it.

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Note that I am not sure if this must be the local page title on the target wiki and what is actually the text displayed for the link (in which case the namespace "Wikipedia:" may be translated), or if it is used to derive an URL or the wikilink to the target page (so it should also include a language prefix like "fr:Wikipédia:Droit de disparaître", with the effective translated title used in French Wikipedia, and not just "Wikipedia:Courtesy vanishing" used in the English Wikipedia; but on French Wikipedia, the effective title displayed and used for local wikilinks does not include the "fr:" prefix. Note that these are not pure translations in their pagename part, but these pages on different wikis are interwiki-linked in Wikidata).

As this is used inside the iOS app, it probably does not use any Mediawiki parser, so if this generates an URL (not a parsed Mediawiki wikilink), this could cause problems. I don't have any iPhone to see it live in the iOS app. If needed, please add precision in the "/qqq" doc about the expected format.

As well some wikis (even just in Wikipedia) may have merged or splitted the target wiki pages in different sections under different page names (so some effective translated links may need a section anchor appended in the wikilink target or in the URL, unless they have created a local redirect from a specific section to an appropriate section of another page). Or they could as well located that page on another wiki than Wikipedia (including possibly to Meta, Commons, or Incubator, may be with just a local "soft-redirect" page).

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Notes for QA:

For this we made some changes to the Vanishing task (T300080). We removed the period at the end of the 3rd bullet point in the popup modal, changed the text from Wikipedia:Courtesy_to_vanish to Meta:Right_to_vanish and changed the links to Please test these on the latest TestFlight build - thanks!

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Appears to be fixed on 6.9.3 (1980)

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